New Way To Play Bingo

While I was visiting an Assisted Living Facility in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, I discovered a NEW WAY TO PLAY BINGO!

The Activity Director whom is trained in providing games for the elderly presented this new bingo game, the resident’s reacted just the way she knew they would. “It’s too hard,” “Why can’t we just play regular bingo?”  She persisted, telling them that they should look at this game as a challenge and a way to keep your brain alert.  So, they tried it.
At first, the concept was a little hard for them to grasp, but as the game progressed, it got easier and one of the residents said, “You can go a little faster now.”  Not only did the seniors rise to the challenge, they gained a real sense of pride for having accomplished something new.

That Activity Director had the foresight to see that just because you are older, doesn’t mean that you can’t continue to learn new things.
CRAZY BINGO is exciting, stimulating, challenging and a whole lot of fun.  This is a real change in the normal Bingo game and is why I thought it might be important to mention it here at  games for the elderly. This game is geared at individuals who have some short term memory loss and may have worked in an industry where numbers and equations were part of their routine. The CRAZY BINGO will stimulate your residents while they are playing a new version of their favorite game.

Once I left the facility and had returned home I went straight to my computer and looked up this new Bingo game to learn more about it at and I discovered that it had been invented and is produced by a women that used to be an Assisting Living Administrator and has over 42 yrs experience with the elderly. I also found that she has a large selection of other games and products aimed directly to the senior population. I will try and contact her to see if she might be willing to do a guest post for me and share her knowledge and experience with us!
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